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Company Introduce :Ningbo Nai¡¯erming Lamps Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest and most competitive manufacturers of outdoor lamps in China. We can design, develop, produce, sell and install various lamps on our own.
Our produces:Outdoor lighting , Street lights , Light poles , Garden lights , Floodlights , Flood lights , City street lights , Commercial street lights ,Garden fairy lights , Road lights , Garden path lights , Sidewalk lights,Garden wall lights , city street lamp poles ,Solar street lights , Solar garden lights ,Decorative poles , Stainless steel poles and so on.
Neighboring Liang-Zhou state highway, our company enjoys convenient transportation. Equipped with advanced aluminum die casting machine, digital-controlled bender, Lincoln welding machine, automatic injection flow line and other first-class facilities, our company can produce more than 600 thousand lamps and more than 50 thousand poles a year.
Covering an area of 11,338 square meters, including 6,028 square meters¡¯ construction area, our company owns first-class workshops, buildings and offices.
Our company is divided into die casting workshop, dressing workshop, coating workshop, installation workshop and pole¡¯s workshop. It is in those workshops that we produce quality road lamps, underground lamps, channel lamps, projecting lamps, middle pole lamps, high pole lamps, and poles.
We have established extensive sale network and our products have penetrated into coastal cities in east China and developing cities in west China. Besides, our company has agencies in Beijing, Harbin, Dalian, Qingdao, Xi¡¯an, Wuhan, Changsha, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

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